RGB delays and P and I frame displacement and slime mould and driverless trucks and sharks biting fibre optic cables and invasive mussels and the freighters they hitched a ride on and clogged up and a photogrammatic landscape littered with debris from the shore.

Booming cephalopod populations but there’s gonna be more plastic than fish there anyway and the submarine cable rock trenchers crunch through sediment while auto-ampho-aqua-drones hum and watch.  And I’m not sure if you can see it in the cards or the string figures like that wet cable but its getting warmer and maybe a floating bin is hopeless.

Squidskin and campfires and asemic writing and photogrammatic flotsam sculptures and tidal damage and data compression and wetbots and maybe it just keeps going but some sunlight gets through.

Flattened Suez renderings and marine plastic waste migration tracking and container ship mapping and coral blooms and upriver jellyfish but it could also pass as a plastic bag and there's still loads more crap people threw in the sea.



Ongoing research project into the future of the oceans, oceanography and oceanic technologies.  Started on a digital residency with After Projects (afterprojects.com), shown at The Inland Art Festival, Redruth and Eiger Studios, Leeds.  Also functioning through the facebook group Oceanic Futurism (https://www.facebook.com/groups/oceanicfuturism/).